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Power Share tools like leaf blowers, chainsaws, cordless drills, and the WORX Hydroshot. But with a 4-Amp motor, it just couldn’t match the sheer power of the Greenworks. An auto-feed system keeps the string at the right length to consistently gas grass trimmer reviews achieve the 13-inch cutting radius. When the kids complain that they can’t do the trimming for you, you’ll have an answer for them. The auto-feeder feature leads to you running out of string much more quickly than you otherwise would.

gas grass trimmer reviews

I was thinking I would get the Craftsman trimmer, which was one step up from the cheapest. At the store, I saw the Echo trimmer and thought it would be really nice to have. The salesman said I should go with the Echo if I had a lawn care business. He showed me the easy line feed feature, which allows you to change the string with ease so you can keep working without a long delay. Even though I thought it was out of my budget I knew I needed a quality trimmer to work my business, so I ended up buying it and have been grateful ever since.

Top 10 Best Gas Weed Eater On The Market Reviews

While it may be tempting to opt for the largest possible, if you have lots of odds shapes in your yard, you may prefer the precision of a smaller cutting swath. The adjustable spacer guard helps to protect your flowers and yard ornaments, while the translucent tank allows you to monitor the fuel level as you’re working. The shaft length is a bit shorter than some of the other trimmers , but that’s only because it is curved.

If you have a smaller yard or less invasive weeds, the Southland SWSTM4317 is a budget-friendly walk-behind weed trimmer. The smaller 43cc engine won’t cut through tall grass or thick thatch as easily, but it’s still powerful enough for unruly grass and overgrowth. A walk behind string trimmer easily cuts through thick weeds, long grass, and most stubborn brush.

Worx Tools

Gas powered trimmers are the clear winner when it comes to extra cutting power and the ability to last and go anywhere. The problem is they are noisy and even the most environmentally friendly ones do pollute the environment. This model does not come with a support harness included, although thanks to its relatively light weight design that’s not a major concern. The handle is fully adjustable for the comfort of the user and it can be rotated as well. The drive shaft also has built-in vibration protection which also makes it more comfortable to use. With older gas-powered lawn equipment, one of the biggest frustrations for anyone using them was getting them to start.

Corners and fences are great places for weeds and grass to grow. That is why you need the best gas weed eater you can find. Both have their good qualities, but in our experience the straight shaft is usually the best option. They make it easier to get under brushes and other confined areas, they also give you a little more reach. The FSE 60 does have a curved shaft design which can limit your ability to get under brushes and trees. What the curved design does do is make the trimmer easier to handle.

My ultimate goal is to provide insights that will help you effectively determine whether this or that tool or product suits your needs/budget or not. I test out home improvement tools at work on a daily basis and enjoy sharing my knowledge with D.I.Y-ers who have similar questions to the ones I used to have. I realize how important choosing the right tools is, that’s why my approach to every review I publish is very responsible.

gas grass trimmer reviews

Its important to check the terms of the warranty so you know what is covered. Warranties do not cover wear items such as belts, bearings, cart wheels, filters, wheels, wear pads or spark plugs. Another thing we like about the 128LD Husqvarna is the price. At its price point, we think you would be hard-pressed to find a better deal anywhere.

Best Gas Weed Eater

The FS 40 C-E is a relatively lightweight trimmer that’s a perfect entry-level trimmer for the home owner. It’s not meant for dealing with heavy-duty brush, but it’s perfect for those standard backyard jobs. Many consumers avoid battery-powered string trimmers because of the limited run time you get on an individual charge. The FSA 90 R string trimmer is in a different class from what most of us are used to. It’s also hurt by the fact that the cutting area is only about 11 inches.

The adjustable, ergonomic U handle features a slip free design and there is a shoulder strap ensures the machine is easy to balance and control. The split shaft also features a quick release for easy storage and transportation. 【Ergonomic Designs】The air filter with the snap-on design, easy to install without tools.

Trimmerplus Bc720

This holds true with their cordless grass trimmer and edger as well. Snap the trimmer into the mower base, and you’re ready to mow those small spaces. Pop it free and use the edger wheels to guide yourself to a perfectly-edged lawn. Finish off by getting those awkward weeds around your trees and bushes with the string trimmer. This Black+Decker device is convertable from a string trimmer to an edger to a compact lawn mower. Another key highlight of this weed wacker is its wide cutting path, which enables it to cover a lot of ground with just a few passes.

The best brush cutter – Chicago Tribune

The best brush cutter.

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Corded electric weed eaters provide you with constant and consistent power without having to recharge your machine. They are quite often a lot lighter too as they haven’t got the added weight of a battery. However corded weed eaters don’t give you as much flexibility in terms of reaching the furthest place in your garden.

Curved Or Straight Shaft

Thankfully, there’s a cord retention system on this model, which makes it far less likely to happen. You’ll need a 2-prong extension for this, which isn’t included out of the box, but they come cheap. Black+Decker is one of those brands you immediately think of when somebody mentions power tools. As far as quality goes, this is a good trimmer; lightweight at 5.35 pounds, and fully adjustable for both height and positioning with the pivot handle.

You can easily convert this trimmer into the handle with the rotation of the handle. Plus, they provide the user with more freedom of movement without being tied to a cord. However, keep in mind that they are heavier than electric ones. On the other hand, if your yard looks more like a tiny jungle, you will need a 4-cycle engine that doesn’t require a gas-oil mix. It works smoother than the other motor and it is much easier to start. Variable speed controls – They help you vary the power for various different cutting conditions.

The machine is not the strongest on the market but the quality/ price ratio is a good one and this machine will make a good choice for a lot of people. However, if you can’t afford the larger models or want a lightweight machine, this should make a good choice. If you are using a range of power tools then this nifty feature will be very useful.

Though it has an adjustable height feature, there are no pivoting features for reaching tricky spots. A huge 18-inch cutting path practically turns this trimmer into a lawnmower on a pole. One of the things I like best is that you can attach other components to the end of the pole, even those from other brands. Between the hedge trimmer, blower, and edger attachments, this thing could potentially save you a lot of money – and storage space – in the long run. The brushless motor provides the power with a longer runtime and quiet operation. When you buy this unit, it comes with the instruction manual, which tells you how to rewind the spool.

As we said earlier, choose it if you have a small to mid-size garden with not much obstruction to move the cable around. The gas-powered string trimmer is primarily targeted toward professional landscapers or people with big backyard. It’s more powerful than the electric powered string trimmer and allows you to cut thick and stronger weeds. TheDewalt Brushless String Trimmeris a cordless electric string trimmer.

  • The best part is that it’s easy to use and quite reliable.
  • You can trim a larger amount of space within a short time by using this Husqvarna tool.
  • Easy to handle and just the right size for small yards, with enough power for light jobs.
  • The weed eater is capable of performing three functions, including trimming, mowing, ad edging in seconds.
  • A few users say the automatic string feed doesn’t work especially well.
  • You have to mix the gas just to run the machine and since it is a gas-powered machine, you also have storage limitations.
  • But then again, you don’t want to spend hours cutting grass, and hence we recommend buying this one.
  • Ideally, use the charger which came with your string trimmer.
  • It has a 24V motor and a 12-inch cutting path, making it optimal for light trimming and small spaces.
  • This model does not come with a support harness included, although thanks to its relatively light weight design that’s not a major concern.


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